Mozambique decriminalises gay and lesbian relationships

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I am thrilled to bring this news to you. There are so many real criminals in Mozambique that steal or bring harm to another or even murder. Our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters only want the right to love wherever they live. Once again, Love Wins!!!

The revised code, in force from Wednesday, drops a colonial-era clause outlawing “vices against nature”.

There were no prosecutions under that clause but rights activists have said this change is a symbolic victory.

It comes as other African countries have moved to tighten anti-gay laws.

In Nigeria, a law that came into force last year banned same-sex public displays of affection and introduced a possible 14-year prison sentence for gay sex.

A study released on Tuesday found that 87% of Nigerians supported a ban on same-sex relations.

In Uganda, the government has pledged to introduce a new restrictive law after the last law which criminalised homosexuality was successfully challenged in the constitutional court.


A Conscience Vote On Marriage Equality Just Got A Whole Lot Closer

Come on Australia! Jump in the equality pool!! The water is colorful!! <3

Two Liberal Party backbenchers appear to be forcing a conscience vote on marriage equality, with August 18 set aside for the government to decide the issue.

Sky News political editor David Speers broke the news on Wednesday afternoon, revealing Warren Entsch and Teresa Gambaro would co-sponsor a marriage equality bill that will be introduced on August 11.

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Wedding Photographer Has The Perfect Response After Losing A Client Who Opposed Gay Marriage

I don’t like peas so all y’all need to quit enjoying peas! Lol

Like many people on Friday, Clinton Lee, a photographer from St. Petersburg, Florida, donned rainbows to show his support for marriage equality.

Clinton also made a post saying he would be happy to photograph any same-sex weddings over the weekend. “All we see is love,” he wrote.

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LGBT in Advertising

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Perhaps it’s just me, but I feel that there’s been a sudden rise in the number of outright LGBT flavored commercials or ones where LGBT is included along with straight people. You will recall from 27 April of this year the commercial for Wells Fargo Bank involving the Lesbian couple nervously learning sign language in anticipation of the older girl they are adopting and I’ve noticed a few new ones cropping up. Mayyybe they’ve been around longer than I imagine they have, but I only noticed them this weekend because of where the National focus has been. I’m glad companies are showing their support of us. So here’s the Tylenol commercial I’ve noticed.

On the radio I heard a new AT&T commercial about what constitutes a family under their Family Plan for their mobile phones.

So are there any I’m missing? Have you seen something I’ve not? Please share!!