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While a lot of what’s going on lately, specifically relating to Indiana, has gotten me very down in the dumps, I am still going to make an effort to maintain coverage of events on here. If any of you are from Indiana, please feel free to leave a comment and you can have your say in your own blog post. I’m open to that. If you’ve got something to say and you want more than just a comment to express your feelings, please let me know.

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39 Tech Execs Sign ‘Historic’ Statement Against LGBT Discrimination

The tech industry is coming out strong in support of LGBT rights.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 39 top executives at some of the country’s biggest tech companies signed a joint statement on Wednesday urging lawmakers to add protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to existing anti-discrimination legislation.

“To ensure no one faces discrimination and ensure everyone preserves their right to live out their faith, we call on all legislatures to add sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes to their civil rights laws and to explicitly forbid discrimination or denial of service to anyone,” the statement reads.

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AR Governor: My Son Asked Me To Veto ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill

I’m certainly glad one politician in this country is listening to a voice of reason.

WASHINGTON — Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) pulled back his support for a “religious freedom” bill Wednesday, citing the controversy and division it has created not only within his state, but also within his own family.

“The issue has become divisive because our nation remains split on how to balance the diversity of our culture with the traditions and firmly held religious convictions,” Hutchison said in a press conference Wednesday morning. “It has divided families, and there is clearly a generational gap on this issue.”

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Indiana’s Memories Pizza Reportedly Becomes First Business To Vow To Reject Gay Couples

I dunno. It sounds to me like a bunch of waffling. First the owner seems to indicate they are going to reject gay and lesbian couples, but then they have no plans to kick any out of the restaurant. I don’t know of any gay OR straight couple that would have pizza catered for their wedding. And unless it’s abundantly clear that two individuals of the same sex are in fact a couple, how ya gonna know, but by asking. They want to stand for their beliefs, but not lose any business. Lol

A family-owned pizza parlor is causing a media stir after reportedly becoming the first business to publicly vow to reject gay and lesbian couples in the wake of Indiana’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The owners of Memories Pizza in Walkerton said theirs is a “Christian establishment” and that they agree with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who has come under fire after signing the bill, which allows business owners to cite religious beliefs as a defense when sued by a private party, ABC 57 reported.

“That lifestyle is something they choose. I choose to be heterosexual,” Kevin O’Connor told the news station. “They choose to be homosexual. Why should I be beat over the head to go along with something they choose?”

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Rand Paul Said He Doesn’t Believe In The Concept Of Gay Rights

Gay marriage offends you, Mr Paul? So what. Politicians like you offend me, but you don’t see me wanting to curb your rights, do you??

Sen. Rand Paul said he doesn’t buy into the concept of gay rights because they are defined by a gay person’s lifestyle.

“I don’t think I’ve ever used the word gay rights, because I don’t really believe in rights based on your behavior,” the Kentucky Republican told reporters in a videotaped interview that has received little attention since it was recorded in 2013.

But it’s unclear how far — and to whom — Paul extends the argument that rights cannot be defined by behavior.

Practicing religion, for example, is a behavior enshrined as a primary American right. Free speech is behavior protected by the Bill of Rights. Likewise, a person’s right to be free from discrimination for his or her nation of origin — which entails the behavior of moving from one country to the United States — is embedded in America’s civil rights laws and broader code of values.

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Indianapolis’ Republican Mayor Has a Brilliant Response to State’s New Anti-Gay Law

Well at least some in Indiana have sense, so maybe there’s hope. I certainly would like that for a very, very dear friend lives there and I know she detests what the governor of the state has done.

On Monday afternoon, Republican Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard took a strong stand against the state’s controversial new Religious Freedom Restoration Act by criticizing the bill and signing an executive order that bans discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity.

“Our city thrives because we have welcomed and embraced diversity. And RFRA threatens what thousands of people have spent decades building,” Ballard said in a press conference, according to the Indianapolis Star. “Discrimination is wrong. And I hope that message is being heard loud and clear at our Statehouse.”

Shortly after his remarks in front of the State House, the City-County Council voted on its own resolution banning discrimination against LGBT people. The measure passed with a vote of 24-4. “Nine Republicans and all 15 Democrats voted in favor,” the Star reported.

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Nevada Lawmaker Proposes New Anti-Transgender Bill Pushed By Out-Of-State Lobbyist

“biological condition of being male or female as determined at birth based on physical differences or, if necessary, at the chromosomal level.” Wow. Gotta go as deep as someone’s chromosomal level to determine sex? They’d better be thankful that chimeras are a rarity. Otherwise, whatchagonnado?

It amazes me how bloody ignorant Conservatives really are. Do you think that a school setting is the ONLY place kids will learn about sex education? Granted, I believe that only parents should teach their child about sex, but in the few cases where a parent isn’t responsible enough to do so, I can pretty much guarantee that child will learn about it any way they can, including experimentation. Wouldn’t it then be better to teach children in a safe environment like school? And allow a doctor or nurse teach the class; not some opinionated Conservative teacher.

Nevada is the latest state to introduce a bill that would limit how transgender students access bathrooms at school. AB 375, introduced by Assemblywoman Victoria Dooling (R), would require schools to limit restrooms and locker rooms on the basis of “biological sex,” as defined as the “biological condition of being male or female as determined at birth based on physical differences or, if necessary, at the chromosomal level.”

If a student “asserts at school a gender that is different than the pupil’s biological sex,” the bill calls for students to accommodate the student, but “such accommodation must not include access to a school restroom, locker room, or shower designated for use by persons whose biological sex is different from the pupil’s biological sex.” Instead, it suggests they must be limited to “a single-stall restroom, access to a unisex restroom, or controlled use of a faculty restroom, locker room, or shower.”

The bill also limits the state’s sex ed curriculum in three ways. First, instruction about AIDS and the human reproductive system could not be offered to students younger than grade 7, similar to the “Don’t Say Gay” provisions proposed in Tennessee in past years. Second, only a “permanent, full-time employee” can teach the course; “no other person or entity may assist in teaching the subjects of the course.” Lastly, the curriculum “may not contain explicit depictions of sexual activity.” In other words, students can not be shown how sex works in a class about how sex works.

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The True Intent Of Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill, According To The People That Helped Write It

I think the Republican party needs to define it’s beliefs and make sure everyone is on the same page, otherwise you’re going to leave people confused. The governor of Indiana (and some Republican lawmakers) are saying, “This bill is NOT about LGBT discrimination!!” while others of their own party are shouting, “Hell yeah it is exactly about LGBT discrimination.” The rest of the country knows the truth. The Conservative Republicans of Indiana shout the truth. Mr Governor & Co. you’d better start speaking the truth and accept the backlash. Stand up for what you believe in, even if millions of others disagree with you. Stop hiding and lying.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) and state Republican leaders have been playing damage control this week, claiming that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is not a law that enables anti-LGBT discrimination. Meanwhile, however, the conservatives who advocated for the bill have been spurning this attempted walkback, asserting in the process that the goal was ensuring discrimination all along.

At the forefront of the conservative reaction is Micah Clark, who serves as executive director of the American Family Association of Indiana and who stood right behind Pence as he signed the bill. Speaking Monday to Tim Wildmon, head of the national American Family Association, Clark explained that conservatives should oppose any effort to clarify that the law does not legalize discrimination. “That could totally destroy this bill,” he explained.

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