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While a lot of what’s going on lately, specifically relating to Indiana, has gotten me very down in the dumps, I am still going to make an effort to maintain coverage of events on here. If any of you are from Indiana, please feel free to leave a comment and you can have your say in your own blog post. I’m open to that. If you’ve got something to say and you want more than just a comment to express your feelings, please let me know.

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Marco Rubio: Being Gay Is Not A Choice

Soooo we don’t choose to be gay, yet we have no rights either.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said on Sunday that he didn’t think being gay was a choice but rather the way some people were born.

During an appearance on CBS’ “Face The Nation,” Rubio, who launched his 2016 presidential campaign last week, said that he believes the definition of marriage is a union between a man and a woman. The Florida senator also added said that same-sex marriage was not a constitutional right and should be decided by state legislatures, not the courts.

Despite his position, Rubio added that he didn’t think being gay was a choice.

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Bathroom Police Could Collect $4,000 Bounty Under New California Ballot Initiative

This is sickening. Absolutely VILE. Though I am a biological woman, I would be terrified of entering a public toilet anywhere in California. I can’t imagine the humiliation to a transgender man or woman. I mean how do I know whether I am going to be assaulted by some Conservative crazy woman/man who demands that I drop my pants or lift my skirt so she can get her $4,000??? Harassment pure and simple. The grossest kind of harassment. But of course Conservative wackos ain’t gonna see it like that. Let’s turn everyone into a sexual predator so the real ones are safe, eh?

The blanket ban on transgender bathroom usage includes not only an enforcement mechanism, but an incentive to police other people’s gender. Modeled after a bill that failed in Kentucky earlier this year, the Act would create a civil claim against individuals for using the restroom in accordance with their gender identity, as well as against whatever government entity allows them to do so. “Such claim includes equitable relief and damages up to a maximum of three times the amount of actual damage but in no case less than $4,000, and attorney’s fees that may be determined by a court,” the proposed initiative reads. Anybody “whose privacy was actually violated” — presumably just by seeing a perceived-transgender person in the bathroom — or who decided not to use a bathroom because there was a perceived-transgender person inside would find relief under this claim. In other words, the law would place a bounty on transgender bathroom usage.

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The Supreme Court’s Unconscionable Slow-Walk Towards Gay Rights

I don’t think this is surprising in the least.

In 1965, the same year that President Lyndon Johnson signed what may be the most important civil rights law in American history, an early gay rights group known as the Mattachine Society of Washington asked the United States Civil Service Commission to rescind a policy declaring openly gay individuals “unsuitable for Federal employment.” The Commission’s response to the Mattachine Society reads less like a government document and more like an tract from an anti-gay hate group.

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This Mechanic Will Legally Refuse Service To Gay People Until Michigan Updates Its Laws

Well this is a happy thought. Hope Michigan does something about this soon, but somehow I doubt it.

Opponents of LGBT equality have recently been trying to justify the discrimination they promote by claiming that wedding vendors should not have to “participate” in same-sex wedding ceremonies — i.e., sell the same service to same-sex couples that they do different-sex couples. This, they argue, is a matter of religious freedom, not discrimination.

Enter Brian Klawiter, the owner of Dieseltec, an auto repair shop in Grandville, Michigan. This week, he publicly took to Facebook to lay out some new policies for Dieseltec customers. First, guns are not only welcome at Dieseltec, but customers who bring their guns with them will get a discount — except for on-duty cops, because they didn’t personally pay for the guns they carry.

Secondly, Klawiter is a Christian, which means he will not welcome dishonesty, thievery, nor immoral behavior — particularly homosexuality. “I would not hesitate to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons,” he wrote. “Homosexuality is wrong, period. If you want to argue this fact with me then I will put your vehicle together with all bolts and no nuts and you can see how that works.”

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Republican Presidential Hopefuls Are Justifying Discrimination By Erasing Gay People

They keep trying and FAILING, but they don’t seem to ‘get it’. Maybe they will when they’re voted out of office. Marco Rubio is an idiot of the top order. You know, Hilary Clinton might have made bad choices with that email fiasco, but the way I see it, ALL politicians are liars, but at least she’s not trying to destroy the country like Republicans are.

Despite the backlash after Indiana and Arkansas tried to pass laws designed to allow for discrimination against LGBT people, conservatives are still peddling the same talking point that “religious freedom” must be protected — e.g. that refusing to serve a same-sex couple’s wedding is justified for a business owner who opposes same-sex marriage. And it’s a talking point that presidential hopefuls are amplifying.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), having just tossed his hat into the presidential ring, offered a rambling answer to NPR this week in support of these “license to discriminate” provisions that demonstrates how this anti-LGBT discrimination is spun. “I think there’s a difference between not providing services to a person because of their identity, who they are or who they love, and saying, I’m not going to participate in an event, a same-sex wedding, because that violates my religious beliefs,” he explained. “There’s a distinction between those two things.”

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Coffee Shop Gives Anti-LGBT Lawmakers A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

I don’t know if this is the right way to approach things or not, but I do know I wouldn’t have the guts to do this.

A North Dakota coffee shop is flipping the script on discrimination.

The Red Raven Espresso Parlor in Fargo recently posted a sign targeting state House members who voted down Senate Bill 2279, which would have protected the LGBT community from discrimination.

The sign read: “Ban effective immediately. The listed Men & Women are now banned from entering this establishment.* This is based solely on age, gender, race, beliefs, color, religion & disability.” Underneath was the annotation for the asterisk: “Unless accompanied by a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer, Intersex or Asexual person.”

The purpose of the notice was to send a message.

“So, while it is satire, I think it does make an immediate point” owner Joe Curry said, per KFGO. “A lot of us feel that discrimination is an old way of thinking that should be put aside.”

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Trans Man Sues Employer After Being Told His Gender Identity Isn’t “In Compliance”

I truly hope someday all of this will change, but the way the government wants to lead us now, it won’t happen in my lifetime, if ever.

When Tristan Broussard was hired at Tower Loan at $15 an hour in March 2013, he drove to Houston to buy a new suit. He told his girlfriend she could quit her job, if she wanted to, and take care of their pets at home.

But a week after he started at the financial chain’s Lake Charles, Louisiana, location, Broussard was fired, according to a lawsuit filed Monday. Broussard claims that he was terminated after the company’s vice president told him he would have to follow the female dress code.

Broussard had previously explained to his direct manager that he was transgender, after she asked him why his driver’s license listed his sex as female. She told Broussard that he wouldn’t be judged and had nothing to worry about, Broussard said. But just days later, Broussard claims he found himself in a meeting with the company’s vice president, David Morgan, being told that the corporate office had to “draw a line,” and that Broussard would have to sign an agreement that his gender identity wasn’t “in compliance with Tower Loan’s personnel policies” or leave the company.

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