Supreme Court Decision On Marriage Equality ‘Just The Beginning’

“Our fight for LGBT equality is not nearly over,” Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) stated emphatically in an interview with me last week on SiriusXM Progress. “And I’m hopeful, very hopeful, that the Supreme Court will say it’s unconstitutional to ban gay marriage. But that’s really just the beginning of fighting for our rights. We have to actually make sure all LGBT couples can have full parenting rights, have full social security and other federal benefit rights. We want to make sure companies can’t discriminate against members of the community because of who they love and who they are. And it’s really important [to take on] discrimination wherever it exists.”

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Obama to 5-Year-Old Gay Marriage Advocate: ‘Couldn’t Agree More!’

If life were only so simple, we’d have meetings instead of wars and people could marry whoever they want.

Five-year-old Yasmeen Faruqui didn’t feel like doing her homework. She insisted she wanted to write to President Obama instead. And he wrote back.

“Please stop war for our world, instead have a meeting,” reads Yasmeen’s handwritten note, posted to Twitter by her aunt. “Please give a speech to tell everyone they can marry who they want.”

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This Was The Happiest, Gayest, Greatest Night In Irish History

To any of our Irish sisters and brothers who may follow this blog, my deepest apologies for not recognising your historic and landmark referendum decision sooner. <3 And a special thank you to the little people for providing a double rainbow in honour of the decision. ;)

After the result came the celebrations. Thousands who had gathered in the courtyard of Dublin Castle to hear the referendum declaration spilled out on to the streets.

There, they found thousands more, throngs of people of all ages, all sexual orientations, lining the streets, climbing on to buildings and railings, weeping openly, embracing and cheering as the historic moment began to resonate.

Revellers hanging off City Hall were met with beeping horns from passing car after passing car, as drivers wound down their windows to punch the air in solidarity.

As the crowds found their way to Dublin’s gay scene, streets became pavements as unprecedented numbers came out to rejoice. On the cobbles of Parliament Street, outside the Front Lounge bar, people sat and stood and drank and hugged. A gang of bikers whizzed by, hooting and revving their engines in congratulation.

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A Nice Afternoon With The Women Of New Orleans’ Trans Veterans Support Group

Anyone who willingly offers to potentially sacrifice their life for millions of strangers should get 110% back from we who are the strangers. A-N-Y-O-N-E. No questions asked. Anything they need at anytime, day or night. For the rest of their lives. They should be paid the millions that NFL players and NBA players receive, because the NFL/NBA players sacrifice NOTHING and gain far too much. We Americans do far too little for the men and women of the US military.

Though transgender people are still barred from openly serving in the military, a small but increasingly visible population of veterans are demanding health care from the Department of Veterans Affairs — and getting it.

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10 Bible-Based Reasons Why Christians Should Love Homosexuality

More Christians should step away from the church, which has historically dictated how people should live their lives, to explore what the Bible is saying to them.

When Matthew Vines turned 19, he had a revelation shared by many ordinary teenagers: He was gay. But since he was also a Bible-believing Christian, he knew he was facing a tremendous struggle.

“In my church and so many others,” Vines says, “being gay and Christian wasn’t an option. But I couldn’t give up on my faith.”

A sophomore at Harvard at the time, Vines left school to do some soul-searching. His goal: To reconcile his sexual orientation with what the Bible said about homosexuality.

He spent the next four-years pouring over Scripture, studying what it said about same-sex sexual behavior and relationships. The result is his book God and the Gay Christian. Vine calls the book “an open letter to modern Christians” about why they should support same-sex relationships, and what the Bible really says about homosexuality.

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Canadian Jewelry Store Displays Anti-Gay Marriage Sign

This is exactly what Christians can’t seem to grasp…

“If I had to know those posters were there beforehand, I wouldn’t give them business,” White told The Telegram. “I don’t know your personal beliefs; you don’t know my personal beliefs. You know that we’re a same-sex couple, but that’s fine. Keep it business.”

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Priests Defy Bishops To Support Marriage Equality In Ireland

DUBLIN — Father Martin Dolan faced a difficult decision. With Ireland’s referendum on marriage equality looming, he could either go along with his bishops’ official opposition to it, or he could be honest with his Dublin congregation.

He made his choice during a Saturday evening mass in January. Not only did he urge his congregation to vote Yes on May 22, he also took the opportunity to come out as gay.

The worshipers greeted the revelation with a standing ovation.

Dolan is one of at least 10 members of Catholic orders who have publicly endorsed marriage equality. They have been willing to defy their bishops, suggest progressive priests, because they see the referendum as just the latest skirmish in a long-running war. As church attendance has plummeted, progressives argue they are trying to save the church from the wounds inflicted by a moribund and authoritarian leadership.

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